Neil Young - On the Beach (LP)

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Neil Young - On the Beach (LP)

GTIN13: 0093624938491

Verschijningsdatum: 06. september 2016

Aantal discs1

Aantal tracks:8



    Disk 1 (LP)

  • 1 Walk on
    02:40 Young, Neil
  • 2 See the sky about to rain
    05:03 Young, Neil
  • 3 Revolution blues
    04:02 Young, Neil
  • 4 For the turnstiles
    03:13 Young, Neil
  • 5 Vampire blues
    04:11 Young, Neil
  • 6 On the beach
    07:04 Young, Neil
  • 7 Motion pictures
    04:20 Young, Neil
  • 8 Ambulance blues
    08:57 Young, Neil

Following the 1973 Time Fades Away tour, Neil Young wrote and recorded an Irish wake of a record called Tonight's the Night and went on the road drunkenly playing its songs to uncomprehending listeners and hostile reviewers. Reprise rejected the record, and Young went right back and made On the Beach, which shares some of the ragged style of its two predecessors. But where Time was embattled and Tonight mournful, On the Beach was savage and, ultimately, triumphant. "I'm a vampire, babe," Young sang, and he proceeded to take bites out of various subjects: threatening the lives of the stars who lived in L.A.'s Laurel Canyon ("Revolution Blues"); answering back to Lynyrd Skynyrd, whose "Sweet Home Alabama" had taken him to task for his criticisms of the South in "Southern Man" and "Alabama" ("Walk On"); and rejecting the critics ("Ambulance Blues"). But the barbs were mixed with humor and even affection, as Young seemed to be emerging from the grief and self-abuse that had plagued him for two years. But the album was so spare and under-produced, its lyrics so harrowing, that it was easy to miss Young's conclusion: he was saying goodbye to despair, not being overwhelmed by it. [On the Beach was re-released on LP in 2016.] ~ William Ruhlmann

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